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Historically the various risk prevention disciplines are viewed and managed separately, however each discipline has a ripple effect on the next and should therefore be integrated. Over many years in the physical risk management industry we have developed an integrated risk management system enabling our clients to successfully mitigate the threat of various real risks. Our objective aims to identify these physical risks within an organization and proposing an integrated solution to limit or eradicate these risks within the client’s means re budget and or operational restraints. This tried and tested method has proven to be highly effective saving our clients not only fiscally but also integrity wise.

All statutory and National standards regulations or Laws will be reviewed in terms of the risks to ensure compliance. Business best practices and Corporate Governance will be used to assist in the mitigation of risk. Our recommendations will be based on our opinion of these regulations to assist in the reduction of the risk exposure/or limit the possible consequences of an event or limiting the resultant damage that may occur in the event of an incident. A photo documentary of the risk, situation, occupancy and environment for information purposes is provided to support our findings. All information gathered is PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL and is for the information held by the initiator of this document only or the persons designated by him/her. A risk is an uncertain event that may or may not happen in the future. If risks are not documented and properly managed, threats to the operation can cause massive losses and in a majority of cases have a crippling effect on any business with far reaching ripple effects. In the worst-case scenario, they can even cause the organization to close its doors.

Risks can only be approached in the following manners:  Accept, Avoid, Mitigate or Transfer.

All information obtained during this program has been classified as confidential and is only for use in presentation to our contracted client.


  1. Perimeter & Building Integrity;

  2. Physical Security;

  3. CCTV System;                     

  4. Illumination & Concealment;              

  5. Burglar Alarm System;

  6. Access & Egress Control;

  7. Key & ID Card Control;

  8. Movement Control;

  9. Cash Management;

  10. General Housekeeping;

  11. RFC;

  12. Signage;

  13. Contingency Planning;

  14. Crimes & Investigations;

  15. Crime Intelligence;

  16. Surrounding Crime Prevention;

  17. Security Good Practice & Awareness;

  18. Occupational Health & Safety Risks;

  19. Short Term Insurance Risks;

The matrix below is a risk description highlighting the Impact Severity that is converted into a response plan (corrective action plan, prevention plan and warning plan) forming the physical risk mitigating program.



The various methods put in place to limit or prevent incidents must be integrated and viewed as a combined management system to be highly effective. For example if the properties’ perimeter is secured less intensive protection is needed on the inner sections, guards placed on site is risky due to limited methods of integrity testing, therefore additional technology driven methods should be adopted. The virtual management system is highly effective and should be viewed as an added benefit managing other installed applications such as CCTV, alarms and scanning devices. The CCTV cameras must be positioned in such a manner that the entire property can be viewed from the inside and out, the system must be integrated with the burglar alarm system and fence alarm for early detection and identification purposes. In the event where unwanted entry is gained the armed reaction officer will be informed of the actual situation allowing for effective action. Stock movement and security guards deployed are also monitored and managed via the virtual management system.


The offsite virtual management centre plays a critical role in the program and can be summarized as follows:

  • Security staff management: identify and direct (both with CCTV, GMS, radios and scanners);

  • Stock movement: double checking and verifying counts (both with scanning and CCTV software);

  • Early detection: confirm activity and direct;

  • Immediate reporting: via e-mail, radio, telephone and or mobile phone.

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